Life's better mentored.

EmpowerMentor is your shortcut to success!

Why should I hire a mentor/life coach?
With EmpowerMentor, you have an expert on call to help you build a promising future.

What does EmpowerMentor offer?
A mentor/life coach is equipped with resources and experience to tackle your unique challenges immediately. 

Would you rather spend a lot of time researching your issue, or would you like to start achieving your goals right away? With the help of EmpowerMentor's Joan Nesbitt, you don't have to figure out how to build a plan for success. You just have to ask for help.

EmpowerMentor - career coach
EmpowerMentor is the fast track to success and satisfaction.
Looking for a quick win?

Cut to the chase and hire Joan. She's ready to listen and get started on your goals, whether career related, or personal.

What's the difference between a mentor and a life coach?

What is a mentor? What is a life coach? A paid mentor and a life coach are the same thing. Both are professionals with the skills and experience to advise, guide and encourage you to a new level of success and satisfaction.

Meet EmpowerMentor's Founder, Joan Nesbitt
Joan Nesbitt is a successful executive, author, mother, and die-hard self-helper who has mentored people of all ages and backgrounds throughout her career of 30+ years. 

She's known and valued as a mentor and friend for her warmth, humor, compassion and relentless pursuit of her goals. 

Joan benefited from multiple volunteer mentors in her career -- gifted people who helped coach her to greater opportunity and success. 

But Joan knows first-hand the work of volunteer mentors can be limited and that's why she founded EmpowerMentor in 2019.  

With a BA in Communications and an MA in Organizational Dynamics, Joan's professional talents span career strategy and job searches, work/life balance, leadership, parenting, life transitions such as encore careers and empty nesting, relationship improvement, mindfulness and more. Joan can work with you to assess your opportunities for success, align them with your deepest values, and reach goals on your terms.